Our Story

A rural logging and fishing community, with industry in decline, Grays Harbor County can feel isolated and forgotten by the rest of the world. When the timber economy collapsed, the region was left with very few jobs and little hope. But many of the people didn’t leave. We stayed. In a place where 46% of us are on public assistance and 1 out of 25 are homeless, we have weathered every storm since, and have taken care of each other when no one else would.

No one knows better how to revive this county than the people who have struggled most in Grays Harbor. We are people living on the streets, people who gave our lives to the timber industry, people who are dealing with addiction, people who have seen time in jail. We are the lifeblood of this community.

We are building a new story for Grays Harbor County. We are reclaiming our right to fresh food, to sustainable use of the land, and to an economy that benefits all of us, not just the few at the top.

We are doing this by:
· Providing good living wage jobs with dignity for people in poverty

· Supplying fresh produce to food banks

· Providing wrap-around support from counselors to case workers for our employees and community

· Training our employees and community members to make broader change in the community

· Showing that vibrant and sustainable economic solutions to poverty are possible

· Building a broader vision for a thriving Grays Harbor – this is just the beginning

Who We Are


Farm Apprentice

 Nita “Wednesday’s Child” Cross. Seasoned gardener. Singer and songwriter. Mother. Straight-talker, doesn’t care what you think about it. She’s currently enrolled in High School 21+ at the college, and is an active member of GSA. 


Farm Apprentice

James “JP” Peterson. Family man. Slick lyricist. Baby plant expert. Working hard to get his wife and two beautiful sons housed together in their own place. Has jokes for days. 


Farm Apprentice

Donnie “Treetop” Jackson. Former tent city security patrol. Budding prize fighter. Father. Keeper of the farm log. Big on respect for all people, big in general. 


Farm Coordinator

Hannah “Hey Peanut” Jones. Lead farmer and agitator. Pickle boss. Country crooner. Orders the seed to feed your need.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our CSA, or would like to support the project please give us a call at 425-876-7440 or send us an email at harborrootsfarm@gmail.com

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