Join the Harbor Roots CSA to receive a weekly box of fresh vegetables and herbs grown by people getting off the streets and out of jail in Grays Harbor County, WA

Mid June to October   |   Pick-ups in Montesano, Aberdeen, and Olympia

How it works


You buy into a share either on your own, or with friends, family, or neighbors. One share will give you enough veggies for 2-3 people.

*Check out new payment options below!


Each week on a designated day, the Harbor Roots farmers will pack up boxes and take them either to a designated location or for contactless delivery to a front porch 


Members pick up their box at the pick-up location that day or from their front porch, and leave the used box from the previous week


Habor Roots farmers take all extra produce to feeding programs in Grays Harbor County

What’s in a box?

While growing seasons can vary, you can expect an assortment of fresh greens, root veggies, and herbs throughout the season, along with recipe ideas specially created for that week’s box. We grow varieties of veggies that have been specifically cultivated for our rainy PNW climate.

Each box contains enough veggies for 2-3 people.

We are growing more herbs this year! We plan to have lettuce, carrots, potatoes, peas, radishes, beans, kale, squash, cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes, pumpkin, broccoli, califlower, spinach, cabbage, mint, cilantro, oregano, rosemary, sage, dill, peppermint, thyme, and more!


let us know. Make a Payment


NOTE: CSAs are available for 2022.

-Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share is a baseline of $550 for a full share or $275 for a half share that will provide approximately 5 months of produce delivered weekly to designated pick-up spots in Olympia and Aberdeen. That is approximately 20 boxes of produce for the season.

-We now have more options for our potential customers. In an effort to reach a wider demographic, we are now accepting payments on sliding scale on a weekly basis for customers that can show up in person to any of our drop-off locations. Our rates for a weeks worth of fresh vegetables are between $10 and $30. For more information about this, please contact us by email or by phone.

-If able, we invite you to buy into a higher level share for your family, buy a share for the community, or donate!

For every dollar you spend above the baseline share amount, you are supporting us to…
– Make more fresh vegetables available to low-income people in Grays Harbor
– Provide counselors and case managers for our community
– Build more institutions like this one on the Harbor that revive our economy and provide people good living wage jobs  
– Organize for broader change in the county. We know that one farm won’t fix things around here, but it is the seed of change we need on our path to developing long-term solutions to poverty.

* We are working on the website so if you would like to buy only a half-share, let us know. * If you prefer to pay by check, you can send a check to Harbor Roots Farm to 52 Arland Rd, Montesano, WA 98563.

Buy into a share

Thank you

Our roots are deep, and we are ready to grow.

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